Jon Selden & Company isn't like most car accident lawyers.

We think most car accidents are just that: Accidents. But if you're hit by a drunk driver, That's No Accident.®   We can help. Call us.

There are a lot of good lawyers in Austin. We are proud to work alongside them. We were trained by some of the best and owe our practices to their willingness to teach us the craft.

That said, all lawyers are different. We each have our own philosophies and styles. We are open, light, humorous, humble, and honest. If we say it, we do it. If we’re wrong, we admit it. We have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We laugh and ask about our customer’s lives and families. When our clients are happy, we’re happy. When we’re happy, our clients are happy. We think that simple outlook will solve 99 percent of our (and our client's) problems. As GSD&M founder Roy Spence said, we “think big but act small.”

If you think this philosophy jives with you, please give us a call. We think you’ll like working with us. If not, then please call one of our many friends around town who will also do a great job with your case.

Meet our team.